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Chiang Rai Thai Massage

"We provide compassionate,professional Thai Massage therapy for release of tension,relief of pain,and to rejuvenate the body,mind, and spirit."

What is Thai Massage

    Thai Massage, also called Nuad Bo-Rarn, has been taught and practiced in Thailand for approximately twenty-five hundred years.Although the origins are somewhat vague,credit for Thai Massage is given to a famous Indian doctor,Shivago Komarpaj,who was the personal physician of the Buddha and Magadha king.

    During Thai Massage, pressure is applied on energy lines and points of the body and combined with a large variety of  stretching movements. Pressure is exerted with the thumbs,feet and palms of the hand. At some points, elbows are also used.The pressure and stretching movements are combined in a comprehensive strategy that can be performed in a one hour session.Two hours,however, is frequently considered the ideal time for a thorough and complete Thai Massage.

    Thai Massage is best practiced on a firm Thai mat on the floor instead of on a massage table.The Thai mat allows for many movements and procedures that are not practical or effective in table work, or are simply impossible to perform. The mat allows for the most effective use of the practitioner's body weight rather than using muscular force for the transmission of pressure and energy.This preferred method creates a highly therapeutic effect.

Benefits of  Thai Massage

  • Thai Massage helps reduce stress levels and improve overall blood circulation.The gradual stretching movements at various positions will enhance flexibility and allow for a greater range of motion to deplete stress and strain from the muscles and help increase energy levels.

  • The gentle pressure on energy lines and stretching movements will deeply relax the whole body and improve personal outlook,emotional status,and help promote deeper and better night's sleep as well.

  • The slow massage movements of Thai Massage will allow the mind and spirit to slow down to a true form of relaxation.The body will be enhanced with increased circulation. More oxygen will be brought to the brain to clear the mind and reduce headaches.Thai Massage will refresh and rejuvenate the spirit to feel better and think clearer.

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