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Covid-19 Information

update related to covid-19 safety

While COVID-19 is still present in our community, our massage facility will operate with these changes to standard policies and procedures to protect staff and client safety.​

  • Once we have instructed the customer to come in, the customer must enter the office wearing a facemask. Customers will be greeted by the massage therapist in the lobby, their temperature will be taken and recorded, the therapist will ask them  to disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer or show them to the restroom to wash their hands, then go straight to the massage room after that. Customers must wash their hands even if they do not need to use the restroom.

  • During the massage, we will be working with customers FACE DOWN. Customers can decide to keep the mask on while lying face down or use the protected face cradle barrier provided by Chiang Rai Thai Massage (or use both).

  • Therapists can work on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, hips, legs and feet (as requested by customer) until further notice.

  • If the customer requests a FACE UP massage, a face mask must be worn.  We will not massage above the shoulder.

  • After the massage is over, the customer can dress, put their face mask on, use the restroom if needed, and Check-out at the front desk to pay and schedule their next appointment. There is hand-sanitizer available on the table, the counter.

  • Due to the new Shelter in Place (SIP) laws for massage, only certified or licensed massage therapists can provide massage under the instructions above. Therefore, new customers to our office MUST fill out a Health History.    


CALL NOW to Schedule!!!

Due to the limited number of available Massage Appointments, MASSAGE TIMES WILL FILL UP FAST. We will be enforcing our 24-hour cancellation policy, as we will likely have a long waiting list for customers wanting massage. Please Give 24-hour Notice if you cannot make your massage appointment. Thank you

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